Rivers of Blessings investment services limited offers entrepreneurs the opportunity
to easy access loan in a quick, transparent and efficient environment. This is a
means at which we empower inactive poor women and men by granting soft
loan to boost their business. Our loan is disbursed to the clients after proper loan
trainer and investigation and principles lay down by canon of lending. Below is
the method adopted for recovery of our loan, our loan are primarily based on the
assessment of borrowers repayment capacity. Business loan are the core
product of our company.


The recovery of this type of loan means the loan is disbursed to the clients either 1st or 15th of every month, therefore our credit officers will be visiting the client everyday to recover back the loan grants to the clients.


Formation of group is done through group leader or credit officer. Before group can be form there must be minimum of ten members and maximum of thirty members. The leaders and secretary will choose a day in a week for their meeting which will be visit by credit officer in charge of such group to recover their loan. Loan is going to be disbursed to the group after proper loan trainer and investigation to their business. This means repayment modality will be on weekly bases.


Most of the small scale medium enterprise needs much money during any festival period to boost their business, therefore when loan disbursed during this period it will be recovered back on monthly bases and repayment will specify for duration of maximum of 3months. These types of loan are primarily based on assessment of the borrower capacity.


This type of loan is meant for salary earners. The repayments are on monthly basis or depending on the repayment plan the borrower chose. The tenor of repayment depends on the plan the borrower choose.